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yoose Mini shaver Replacement-Cutterhead

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【Magnetic Head】yoose adopts a magnetic design shaving head for easy disassembly and cleaning. Keep your mini rotary shaver in good condition.

【Premium Material】The blade is made of high-quality German imported steel. With excellent waterproof and rust-proof performance. Sharper, more durable blades for a more efficient, cleaner and painless shave.

【Replacement Advice】For best shaving performance, it is recommended to replace the razor head every 12 months.

Free Shipping

Days Money Back

Secure Payment

1 Year Warranty

Mini and Portable

100% Waterproof

Imported Steel from Germany

Made of alloy

Powerfull shave

Long battery life


Compact in size, portable for travel

IPX7 Waterproof

Take the Mini Rotary Portable Shaver anywhere without worrying about submersion in water. It is designed for wet and dry conditions.

Magnetic attachment

The electric shaver for men shaving head with magnetic design, easy to disassemble and flexible installation, easy for you to clean and replace the head.

Made of alloy

yoose electric shaver is alloy material integrated molding, with 17 electro-plating and 16 coating process. Drop protection, delicate color and smooth touch.


The yoose mini cutterhead is compatible with the yoose mini alloy shaver as well as the yoose mini shaver bounty hunter special edition.


Suitable for: MINI / MINI Bounty Hunter
Type: Rotary Head
Material : Alloy
Water-proof level: IPX7



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